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What is BC?

Blade-Conspire International Group is an international family of companies that strives to provide innovative products and services to our customers. From web hosting to creative arts, we have something for you: either as a first-tier Blade-Conspire Brand, or via our investment portfolio.

About us

Blade-Conspire International Group is a small company based in Auckland, New Zealand, with aspirations of bringing our services to the world.

We've been in operation since 1999 in various forms and became a registered company in 2008. Blade Lifestyle Media has been around since the early years, under going many trading names - from Blade Multimedia to Blade Media Solutions.

In 2004, Blade Lifestyle Media was transformed into a partnership and operated briefly under this arrangement. After a while Blade Lifestyle Media turned stagnant and no further work was produced.

In 2007 the full rights to the Blade Lifestyle Media brand was acquired by one of the partners - the original founding member and integrated into the newly formed Blade-Conspire International Group. 

Conspire Web Services began operations in 2003, with a full scale launch in 2005. Since then, the services on offer has increased ten-fold and a steady increase on the domain types for around the world and hosting plans. Conspire Web Services recently expanded into software with the launch of the development tools division.

Vambrace Software was launched in mid-2008 as the need for a channel to provide budget software arose. Shortly after Vambrace Software was launched, an idea formed and within a week, DigiPhotoPaint was up and running - Ready to provide a unique service to anyone that wanted it.

Since 2015, Blade-Conspire has been mentoring startups and providing investment opportunities for emerging sectors. Our powerful position in a number of areas means we have the knowledge to nurture small businesses in a successful manner.

Our mentoring incubation program enriches up & coming businesses with the tools they need to succeed - from web design to sales coaching.

Contact us

31st Floor,
Vero Building Complex,
48 Shortland Street,
Auckland CBD - 1010,
New Zealand

+64 9 359 7484

+64 2 8311 1336

Toronto, Ontario
+1 (647) 478-4930

+358 2 4808 4413

Maidenhead, London
+44 (330) 808-0463

Chicago, Illinois
+1 (312) 906-7629

+1 (312) 983-6181

Lakeland, Florida
+1 (863) 337-2070

Los Angeles, California
+1 (213) 226-0169

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